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Name: Jay C Powers
Email: jaycpowersatme.com
December 08, 2017
Location: Charlotte, NC


Good to see you are expressing yourself in many ways. You are one of the most creative people I know.

Name: Fritz Martin
Email: fritzmartinbass at Yahoo
July 14, 2016
Location: everywhere

We should meet more in the dream state.

Name: Liberty Kelly
Email: liberty123 at yahoo.com
November 02, 2015
Location: Adirondack Mountains, NY

Hi Randy,

I was talking to Kamel today about recording at Terminal. I have a 4 piece bluesy rock band with members in Jackson. Ken Nicholson ("Mississippi Kid") and Joe Rogers on piano and organ. I'll be travelling down to record my songs with them in January.

Having only the gospel recordings to use as a reference to hear tracks from the studio I had to dig a bit deeper. Being a different genre and the production as it is, I was quite skeptical.

Your songs are very good, sound great and I really appreciate the production. Did you record the tracks on your site at Terminal?

I look forward to talking with you soon,

Name: Vicky
Email: Rathrbesailin(at)aol.com
July 04, 2014
Location: Dallas, TX

Awesome site...sight. Yet again your lack of a
"box" proves your talent in art as well as music.
Miss the old days with Terminal and ProTools..
Keep up the great work.!👍

Name: sonny bertis
Email: juneharalsonatyahoo.com
January 28, 2014
Location: mt.moriah rd.

While surfing the apocalypse tonight,some music musings,randy everett. what is he doing? your musical expressions,nirvana.Glad you are well.

Name: Anna Liza Ochea
Email: a.ocheaatyahoo.com
November 16, 2013
Location: Philippines

I like your work as well as your music. I want to know what are the songs you have done already.

Name: Alvin Byrd
Email: awbyrdatcomcast.net
May 15, 2013
Location: Mississippi


This site is a perfect expression of your creativity. You have a gift and are motivated to share it with others. Your ability to communicate your thoughts through sight and sound create gifts you give to us all. This is why your site is one of my favorite stops along the information super highway.
Im now waiting with anticipation for your next masterpiece.

My Best

Name: Jim Santini
November 23, 2012
Location: USA

Great music and NEAT artwork. I enjoyed visiting your website!

Name: Jim Santini
November 23, 2012
Location: USA

Great music and net artwork. I enjoyed visiting your website!

Name: Paul Crowson
April 22, 2012
Location: Jackson, MS

Randy, I've loved your original music for decades, and now your art for years! Thanks for sharing your genius!

Name: Merlin the wizard
March 02, 2012
Location: Camelot

Very magical indeed.

Name: Richard McKey
Email: rmckeyatcomcast.net
February 12, 2012

art and music wonderful!

Name: John L Evans
Email: johnbonnie96 at bellsouth.net
January 31, 2012
Location: Brandon, MS

My wife Bonnie is first cousin to Vic Murphey who
died Jan.26. At visitation someone mentioned your name
as a music writer. Do you do choir parts writing, or
do you know someone who does?

Name: Jay Koelzer
Email: jkoelzeratcolomail.com
December 29, 2011
Location: The foothills behind Loveland Colorado

Nice sounding album Randy, I would expect nothing less from you. Keep kicking a hole in the sky!

Name: Gustav Glander
Email: gustavglanderathotmail.com
December 11, 2011
Location: Barcelona

Congrats Randy!!! you are a great artist!!!
Nice to meet you...
Gustav Glander

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